The Real Satellite Radio

W9YB has completed another awesome project in the shack. As of tonight (11/29/2018) we now have a fully functional all-mode satellite station. Complete with all the trimmings:

  • TS-790A Tri-band All-mode VHF+ Rig
  • Yaesu G-5500A AZ-EL Rotator System
  • 2m & 70cm Dual-Polarization Beams
  • FoxDelta ST-2 Digital Rotator Controller

The officers were up late tonight getting everything pieced together. It’s by no means in its final configuration but it’s a working setup. Several contacts were made on AO-92 as it passed overhead. A video of club president Patrick, W3AXL, making the first official contact is below!


We’re looking forward to making many more satellite contacts in the coming months, and hopefully even a random ISS contact or two (if they decide to operate above us that is!)