W9YB gets 1st place in-class – ARRL School Club Roundup Oct 2018!

W9YB Purdue University Amateur Radio Club has placed 1st for this fall’s ARRL School Club Round up. With a total score of 239,293 points, 773 Phone QSOs and 55 Digital QSOs made by 7 different operators, we managed an impressive score 1.9 times larger than last year.

While we did not manage to achieve all 50 states, we did manage to achieve an impressive 43 DX contacts, many of which were into uncommon countries.


EDIT 20181105: Today, a group of fellow ham radio operators pointed out that a multiple transmitters are not allowed in the School Club Roundup.

Prior to this being pointed out, none of the participants in this year’s SCR at W9YB were aware that multiple transmitters were not allowed. Our original contest logs were submitted with the transmitter category “unlimited”; it was (incorrectly) believed that this was permitted under contest rules.

Since being notified, we have re-evaluated and corrected our claimed contest score. As of the time of writing, an e-mail has been sent to the contest coordinator with an apology and the corrected information.

Our new claimed score is 175,160.

All logs from all QSOs made during the SCR – regardless of whether or not they were made in violation of the rules – will be uploaded to the LOTW.