70cm P25 Repeater


Output Frequency 444.1625 MHz
Input Frequency 449.1625 MHz
Network Access Code (in/out) $396/$396
Repeater Model Motorola Quantar UHF-R2
Output Power 95 Watts
Height ASL 670 ft
Height above Ground 60 ft
Duplexer Wacom 4-Cavity BpBr
Antenna Laird FG4405, 4.5dBi
ERP ~160 W
Location Purdue Memorial Union, West Tower

Motorola ID Database

The club makes extensive use of Motorola radios and their associated ID features. A maintained google doc of all user’s IDs for MDC, Astro, and TMS IDs is maintained and is available to view below. To request an ID, please contact a club officer for access to the shared drive.
Motorola ID Spreadsheet


In Feburary 2016, funds were pooled from the club account and several members’ wallets to acquire a Motorola Quantar being sold as surplus by a police department in Chicagoland. After a day trip to the city, the repeater was back at the union and sat until the duplexer cans could be acquired. After first attempting and failing to use a 3-cavity filter as a duplexer, the proper cans were obtained and tuned, and the repeater was put online using the club’s existing triband 6m-2m-70cm antenna on the top of the main tower.

The fall semester 2016 brought the mounting of a dedicated Laird 70cm vertical for the repeater, side-mounted to the tower at about 60ft above ground. The duplexer tuning was improved and the repeater has been in service ever since. Coverage is by no means great, approximately a 2 mile radius around the Union. Great for campus use and not much else

Plans are in the works for a new 70cm TX/RX system at Hawkins to include all three W9YB 70cm machines and is expected to be completed by mid-2018