70cm P25 Repeater


Output Frequency 444.1625 MHz
Input Frequency 449.1625 MHz
Network Access Code (in/out) $396/$396
Repeater Model Motorola Quantar UHF-R2
Output Power 45 Watts
Height ASL 670 ft
Height above Ground 190 ft
Duplexer Wacom 4-Cavity BpBr
Antenna Laird FG4405, 4.5dBi
ERP ~100 W
Location Hawkins Grad House

Motorola ID Database

The club makes extensive use of Motorola radios and their associated ID features. A maintained google doc of all user’s IDs for MDC, Astro, and TMS IDs is maintained and is available to view below. To request an ID, please contact a club officer for access to the shared drive.
Motorola ID Spreadsheet


In Feburary 2016, funds were pooled from the club account and several members’ wallets to acquire a Motorola Quantar being sold as surplus by a police department in Chicagoland. After a day trip to the city, the repeater was back at the union and sat until the duplexer cans could be acquired. After first attempting and failing to use a 3-cavity filter as a duplexer, the proper cans were obtained and tuned, and the repeater was put online using the club’s existing triband 6m-2m-70cm antenna on the top of the main tower.

The fall semester 2016 brought the mounting of a dedicated Laird 70cm vertical for the repeater, side-mounted to the tower at about 60ft above ground. The duplexer tuning was also improved. Coverage was still by no means great, approximately a 2 mile radius around the Union. Great for campus use and not much else

In winter of 2018, the Quantar was (finally) moved up to a permanent location at Hawkins Hall next to the other YB repeaters. Thanks to the efforts of several club members W3AXL, N9PCT, KD9FNA, and K5AN, the move was painless and the station was back on the air within a few hours. Additionally, hardware was acquired and programmed for future linking to the Indiana Quantar Network.

Talkgroup Information

This repeater deafults to TG 6395 – the Indiana Digital Ham Radio P25 Reflector. Other talkgroups are made available on a part-time basis from the MMDVM reflector list. The full list is available at Pi-Star.co.uk but recommended reflectors are listed below:

    TG 1-10 Local only – transmissions will not be repeated over the network
    TG 11 Local parrot – useful for testing your audio
    TG 2050 KM4NNO DIU Allstar Reflector – Juan is the developer of the p25link software
    TG 6395 Indiana -Default Talkgroup – IDHR P25 Reflector. Linked to 10+ repeaters throughout Indiana
    TG 10100-10103 Worldwide Calling & Tac Reflectors
    TG 10200-10203 North America Calling & Tac Reflectors
    TG 31691 Midwest P25 Reflector