70cm DMR Repeater


Output Frequency 443.600 MHz
Input Frequency 448.600 MHz
Color Code 1
Repeater Model Motorola SLR5700
Output Power 50 Watts
Height ASL 750 ft
Height above Ground 130 ft
Duplexer Sinclair Q3220E
Antenna Hustler G7-440, 6dB Gain
ERP ~90W/td>
DMR Network Brandmiester, Hoosier DMR
Location Hawkins Grad House


The original YB DMR repeater was put up some time in 2015. A Motorola XPR8300 outputting 40W, it suffered the same fate many of the early XPR repeaters did: a fried PA and burned receiver circuitry. Towards the end of its life coverage was dropping fast even with preamps in place. End of watch: 2017.

The current Moto SLR5700 was donated by a former member and Purdue alum, and was put in service in 2017. No problems so far, fingers crossed.