2m Repeater


Output Frequency 146.760 MHz
Input Frequency 146.160 MHz
PL Tone (in/out) 131.8/131.8
Repeater Model Motorola MSF10000
Output Power 125 Watts
Height ASL 750 ft
Height above Ground 130 ft
Duplexer Sinclair Res-Lok ARP 2330E
Antenna Hustler G6-144, 6dB Gain
ERP ~250 W
IRLP Node 4315


The original 146.76 repeater was put on the air at the Hawkins site sometime in the 1970’s. Check out Ward Cunningham’s recollections of the birth of the “76” machine.

The MSF 10,000 repeater was donated by Motorola (along with the 440 repeater) in 1994. It took some time to get the site and the machine properly configured, and it was put on the air in 1995.