New P25 Frequency

Hi everyone! The W9YB P25 machine's frequency has been changed to 444.1625+ with a nac of $396. This change was made in preparation for the machine's move to Hawkins in the coming weeks. For now, though, it remains on the roof of the Purdue Memorial Union at a measly 60ft.

Net Results: Febuary 26, 2018

Net Control: W3AXL Net Start: 1900L Check-ins: N9SJA WR9A KD9FNA W9YBZ KD9GYJ KM6LDX KB9REU AB9EN Announcements: [WR9A] Tippecanoe Co Spotter Training - Mon Mar 5th @ 7PM at the County Extension Office [AB9EN] Invitation for anyone to join TARA for the annual winter dinner - Wed @ 6PM, Cristo's in Lafayette Net End: 1912L