W9YB License Exam Session – Saturday, Oct 2nd 9am – 11am RAWLS HALL room 2079

W9YB Purdue University Amateur Radio Club will be holding a license exam session on Saturday, October 2 2021. All applicants must register for this exam session due to CoV19 restrictions in place at Purdue University.

The exam session is open to the public however you must follow the mandates put forth by Purdue University regarding CoV19 protocol. ALL APPLLICANTS MUST WEAR A FACE MASK REGARDLESS OF THEIR VACCINATION STATUS! Social distancing will also be in place at the exam session. This could mean a bit of a wait if we have a lot of applicants, so please don’t be in a hurry to take an exam.

For more information about this license exam session and to register for the October 2nd exam please visit our licensing page: https://w9yb.org/licensing