W9YB is now part of Laurel VEC group!

LarcVEC175W9YB Purdue University ARC is now part of the Laurel VEC group!  What does this mean for our testing sessions…well there are many benefits!




  1.  NO MORE EXAM FEES! Laurel lets us provide volunteer testing without the $15 fee that the ARRL VEC made us charge previously.  This is much better for students in particular and those always trying to find an ATM somewhere near our testing location at the last minute!

2.  Faster Processing:  We have heard that processing times for licensees that have taken the test are 24-48 instead of waiting a week to see if your new license has posted on the FCC ULS database.  This has not yet been confirmed however with W9YB PUARC.

3.  Less Administrative Overhead for the VE Session Manager:  Although licensee’s don’t see all the paperwork necessarily, it is something that is a major burden to the process.  Having to mail out copies of the tests, answer sheets, CSCE forms and arranging them in the correct order is a tedious task.  Laurel uses an all electronic submission system meaning no more papers need to be mailed!


The VE team here at W9YB Purdue University Amateur Radio Club is excited by this change.  We hope to continue our leadership being the most popular VE Team in the area for testing.

All of our VE members are strictly volunteer and they do it all for you and the love of ham radio!

Come take your test with us or next upgrade.  Details on the w9yb.org/licensing page.

73 de Nick – N9SJA
W9YB Purdue University ARC VE Session Manager