The new W9YB.ORG

frustrated_pc-618x336Well….the start to 2017 has been a rough one for us at W9YB.  It seems like the old server that was hosting our website had some issues.

The web server which was ran by the IEEE organization at Purdue held a few other sites on it for other clubs as well. The server was old and it was way past time that we did something about the hosting.

So, now we have a reliable and secure host, and it is just up to me to now populate the site with content again.

Please be patient with us, as we get things back to normal here.  It will take us a little while.

I will be experimenting with a new look and we try to determine what is the best and cleanest way to get information to the users of this site.

We at W9YB strive to keep this site up-to-date with the latest and best information regarding the club and Amateur Radio in general.  If there is information that you need that is not listed here on, please visit the contact page and send us a message.  We would be happy to respond to any questions or comments you have.

Thanks and 73! de W9YB