Net Results: November 13, 2017

Net Control: Tom
Net Logged by: Tom

Net opened at 1900L

KD9FNA – Packet radio fried, only putting out 5 watts. Please be careful. Looking for cheap/easy 2m transmitter in the meantime.
W3AXL – [to KD9FNA] There is an old 2m base station (squelch issue, but shouldn’t matter with packet radio) located in the shack that should work
KP4CI – Greatly appreciate the efforts for University of Scouting; One scout earned his Technician license, multiple earned the BSA Radio Merit Badge

Announcements About the Club
Shack network overhaul happened last week – hardware and software cupdated
Gigabit now available!

APRS service continues, plans being laid to upgrade system

Working on lighting project in shack (desk lamps, ceiling lamps, etc)
Very early stage, more details coming soon

ARRL School Club Roundup next semester – looking for maximum participation

Fort Wayne Hamfest next weekend
Several club members will be traveling there and back on Sunday, November 19
If you want/need a ride, monitor the GroupMe and the repeater

Net Closed 1914L