Net Results: September 25, 2017

Net Control: Paul
Net Logged By: Tom

Net opened at 1900L

Check-Ins (All stations had no traffic unless otherwise noted)
KC9VUL: Facebook posts coming as often as able
K0GTB: All net traffic recorded; results uploaded to website each week
W2PJK: Needs programming cable for XTS 3000; Meeting on Friday if anyone can help?

Announcements from Net Control (N9PCT)
Focused on preparing for school club roundup in October
A couple of antennas need repair, should come soon
Rotator for 20m beam should be fixed as well

6m Repeater replacement project still underway
Installing software on repeater controller
Hoping to have running by end of semester

DMR Repeater replaced with SL5700 (old one died)

70cm Analog repeater investigation is underway; calls have been dropped lately

Net closed at 1915L